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Thinking Of You Token

A TOYT was first created to help my son (who has autism) to get through his day at school.

It is a hand crafted Fimo disk about the size of a £1 coin but slightly thicker and weighing approximately 5 grams. It is varnished to give a smooth and tactile finish. The idea is that the token is given to someone who is feeling down or lonely to remind them that they are not forgotten. The size is intentionally small to fit discreetly in a pocket so that when the recipient is feeling down they can feel the TOYT and remember they are being thought of.

This has helped my son tremendously at school and was also featured in the National Autistic Society's 'Communication' magazine. Although particularly useful for children with special needs, TOYTs also make great and unique gifts for anyone. TOYTs are sold in pairs so that you have a replacement if the first one goes missing. They are available in single colours or multi-coloured.

TOYTs are sometimes available to buy through Ebay.

IMPORTANT: TOYTs are NOT toys and are only suitable for people over the age of 4 years (due to potential choking hazard). Parental supervision is advised.
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Created by Nicola Maybury

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Created by Nicola Maybury